Who enters your home, or has access to it, is very important to your family’s safety. Automated home access control is a beneficial and secure method, increasing your home’s convenience and security. From simple solutions, such as a gate control, to an integrated and complex entry system, home access controls allow easy management of a range of locations, from homes to businesses.

Although access control is also available for commercial premises, we will focus on home access control for residential properties. Nothing is quite as important as good control over who can access your home. And, nowadays, that can be much more sophisticated than just a set of keys. In fact, sometimes it is done without them.

What is Home Access Control?

Home access control gives you control over access to your home through keyless smart technology. Often, this includes the use of items such as digital door locks, key fobs, wireless keys, and intercom systems.

Additionally, some home access systems also offer several features related to home management. For example, one element could be control of the lights, another, temperature settings within your home.

There are a wide variety of home access control systems on the market. As a result, they can be as simple, complex, cheap, or expensive, as you and your budget would like. Indeed, some even offer complete integration with other security systems in your home. Including motion detectors, security cameras, or smoke detectors, for example.

That means there is the potential for flexibility regarding the kind of access control you want. Many companies offer customers the flexibility of choice regarding which products they would like.

For example, one customer may want a single battery powered digital lock, whereas another may desire a keypad system for their home or garage. Thankfully, most home access companies serve many types of customers, taking their individual needs into account.

Why Do I Need Home Access Control?

Often, people want that peace of mind that their home is secure. Usually, one of the best ways to achieve this is by having the ability to control who has access to your home, and when.

Smart technology is a growing market, with items such as smart fridges and TVs now commonly available in our home. As such, it also makes sense that home security and home access services have upgraded to fit in with the demands of the modern age.

There can be many reasons why someone considers purchasing a home access system. For example, take someone who has recently been subject to a break-in. They may feel safer at night knowing that they have an access control system in place. Indeed, many who own access control systems also install home security systems for that reason.

Or, perhaps you just want the latest technology for your home. A home access system provides easy, stress-free access to your home without the hassle of a physical key.

Alternatively, if you often find yourself carrying bags of shopping home, it may be frustrating to fumble for a key just as you’re outside your door. Keyless home access takes that hassle away, as you could enter your home with something as simple as a key fob.

How to Use Home Access Control Systems

There are a variety of ways you can manage your home access control system. One of the most popular ways is, understandably, through your cell phone.

It’s no secret that cell phones are a core part of our everyday life. Most home access control companies recognize this and have an app for your phone. That app then gives you control, and tracking, of your home access system wherever you are.

For example, if you are on your way home, the app unlocks your front door so you step straight through the moment you get home. If you also have an integrated home access and management system, it also sets the heating or lighting settings. That means that your home will reach your ideal temperature when you arrive. Basically, opening your door, turning on the lights, and cooling or heating your home to perfect comfort levels as you commute — however you program it — it’s like having a live-in butler.

Alternatively, you can also manage your home access system from your home. For example, you can monitor your intercom system, or any security cameras you may have, through a computer, laptop or tablet.

Finally, some systems can be set up to be run automatically, so the flexibility is there to manage your access control as you see fit.

Choose a Home Access Control System That Works for You

Overall, home access control offers families and individuals the peace of mind that they control who can access their home, and at what time of day.

There are so many types of access control that most companies offer a range of services for customers so that a customer can pick the service and products that best suit their own needs.

Although many people choose to integrate their access control system with their security system or home management system, there is no need to do so. Especially, if you only want access control services, such as automatically locking doors.


Featured Image: Public Domain, by SanjibLemar, via Wikimedia Commons

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